Walnut roots w tree attached

12ft Walnut roots w 5-6ft wide tree still attached

This figured walnut is a complete tree and roots still allowing the options to be displayed in its whole form before it becomes slabs. These roots would trim to a solid 6x8ft root table or left up to 12ft for ceiling chandelier wall art etc.

The trunk yields dark wood to the outside edge.

We also have piles of individual roots that were timmed from these trees great for hobby wood.

Walnut Roots

A look at the underside of walnut root tree

Either 1/30" thick  x 8' x 12-14' natural triangle/heart shape or can become 2 walnut root burl tables 15" thick each less the flattening or maybe 3-4ft wide x 8-12ft long walnut root dining table slabs custom cut probably around 12" thick once flattened slabs?

and there's also the dark trunk/stem slabs

Very interesting root grain!

Lots of new 'walnut' always available!

Walnut For Sale

Colourful Walnut

Altered grains and curly figure make these pieces one of a kind

Pictures are often of wet wood now slabs are dry and offer more even wood tones perfect for any homes interior

8 x 5 Kitchen Island/Table Slab

Bookmatched walnut slabs rough planed awaiting your project

Rough Cut Curly Walnut

With a little planing, sanding and staining the light curly horizontal ribbons will become very distinct

7ft Curly Black Walnut

End cut of curly walnut

Unique dark patterns

Starting the stack of 7ft curly walnut

Nice 7ft x 30" stack of curly walnut

Curly Walnut

Figured Walnut feature

Walnut stack now dry, once over w. electric hand plane reveals curly walnut features

Planing out the dry rough saw marks uncovers this optimal curly walnut

Walnut Dining table Rough planed ready for finishing

Walnut Desk/Coffee Table Tops

Make a statement with these interesting shaped slabs

Dried and roughly planed to around 2.5" thick x 2-4ft wide x around 6ft long 

call for pricing

Last piece of above slabs 2-3ft and wider x over 6ft

This stack of kiln dried now roughly planed desk/coffee table size pieces are approximately 5ft long.

The Hollow Walnut

Interesting shapes/grains and colour for unique projects.

Log slabbed 3" with one large unique piece left 8-10" thick on bottom.

Unique Walnut Tree

Its not just a hollow rot centre, although some of the best trees do have rot in them, but this one has bark on the inside since it grew that way .

Hollow Walnut

Altered Grains/unique colour patterns

Interesting shapes to fit your projects

Slabs are up to 3-4ft wide

Interesting bookmatches could be made

Nice single slab

Close ups of altered grains found in the group of slabs

Also lots of consistant curly grains over slab sections.

'Plant a tree' in your table?

Approximately 10ft long x 18" thick bottom piece left whole for someones interesting ideas


11ft x 30"+/-

One side of walnut tree is curly

Curly Black Walnut

Starfish curly walnut?

Bookmatching makes starfish/butterfly shapes

Figured Walnut

Light Coloured Walnut

Coffee table size slabs w altered grain

Figured black walnut stump

We should get me 6-8ft black walnut root discs  from this one

Cleaning walnut roots

Some of the nicest grain comes from under the tree