Burls/Burl Table Slabs

Burl Table Slabs "For Sale"

5-10ft Long x 2-5ft Wide

Small burl slabs available

10 ft wide big leaf maple hollow tree trunk completely turned to burl sectioned and slabbed






5x10 maple burl slabs

Maple burl slabs

Approximately 5x3

Maple Burl Slabs

2-5ft wide x 8-10ft long

Bookmatched Maple Burl Slab

Stable/Built Slab

Bring some life back into these projects...

Sanding and finishing will bring the life back into the dry Wood Slabs.

Join your own or choose one of mine.

Quilted Maple Burl

Beautiful colour and patterns

Irregular 3-5ftx6ish

Grain patterns

Walnut Burl

Walnut burl shell

Birdseye walnut crazy colour and figure Im gifting to a friend w also a few small pieces available "For Sale"

Coral like birdseye maple w figured spalted middle

Bookmatched birdseye maple