Rebuilding History

Bringing new life and purpose to wild treasures.

From our retired Thetis Island Ferry houseboat, “The Ethel Hunter” to our 100+ yr old steam donkey bbq stand, “The Hungry Bear Stand” ... we put the same passion into our Live Edge Wood Slabs. 

Front Doors


Carved Bears and Fish Entrance way

Curved Staircase


Inside our recycled ferry houseboat

All custom woodwork

Locally reclaimed and finished wood slabs


Steam Donkey

Repurposing and rebuilding an old steam powered logging yarder as a restaurant kitchen stand


I am building this creation to teach the old way of logging with the added attraction of serving food as a "farm to table stand".

Local Treasures


Cut and dried wood slabs ready for finishing

Finished spalted maple burl


In this type of wood there is a map of designs, so we added a world of colour to the finishing


Carved Doors

Double cedar arched door I carved of bear on waterfall catching fish!

Visualize your project!

Locally harvested and finished curly maple


Your only limited by your imagination.

50" x 78" x 3"+ maple slab


Rounding the straight cut ends and creating a carved 'live edge' to resemble live edge on the end cuts all the way around. also the dark seam in middle is a large fill on the underside.