Live Edge Wood Slab Selection

Milling 5x10ft single slab figured maple

All our pricing is competitive. 

Always new inventory. 

Lots of average size stock available.

Cutting a nice flat surface

Taking apart the large treasure

Rich Maple Slabs

Great Grain Texture

Curly maple w a map of colour and design patterns...

4ft wide Maple Slabs

Large maple single slabs

Slabbing highly figured 3x5ft maple slabs

Fresh cut slabs once dry and finshed will show as well as the best music wood.

Slabs taken fromshell of 11ft hollow maple 

Slabs of wood in the process

Figured maple discs

5ft round

Maple Slabs

Quilted maple

15'9 long x 7ft ends x 6ft waste give or take

Slabbed x2 thickness for drying

I can resaw you 1 from the x2 slab or take full thickness and make a statement.

The tree is solid lots of 15ft  x 6-7ft wide slabs to choose from

15'9" quilted maple patterns

8x4ft spalted curly maple slabs over 3" thick

Western Paper Birch

Single Slab Birch with curl

2/9-10ft long stacks 2-4ft wide 

figured maple discs

Very unique grain lots of shapes and sizes

slabs need time to dry

Reserve yours for Christmas

Lots of different shapes and sizes of decorative live edge wood

American Elm

Nice Birdseye clusters within grain patterns

Beautiful fresh cut colour

Wood Candy

Curly walnut

Douglas Fir

4x10 3x15

Other Sizes Available


3 x 15ft x 3.25" thick

Solid Fir slabs

Old Growth Red Cedar

Rich Colour

Nice solid old growth

Bring the life back into these pieces with finish

Stacks of Slabs

Lots of slabs available

Small or Large Projects

Every size and lots of shapes

If you dont see it here chances are we have it or can get it

New logs appearing all the time and new dry inventory every month or 2

 with our working kiln and drying process

Lots of smaller slabs and pieces available