Milling & Slabbing

Keeping it creative!

Milling all types of wood

I reclaim high quality wood 

Make the slabs interesting

reading the tree to yield the best cuts possible

Working with the tree

I can mill cuts out of nearly any size tree taking the best shapes and grain angle the tree can provide

Beech Tree

8ft long x 8ft wide tree base


Even on its side this huge tree takes a ladder to climb

Prep cleaning before removal


On site water helps w pressure washing

Its not as easy as it looks


I had to section into quarters.

It could be rejoined or attached side by side for over 20' of counter, another idea might utilize each piece for 4 seperate tables that can come together as one.

It only took 25hrs to cut through rocks!

Figured Maple

This large Solid tree above comes with an interesting story of its origin


Now we're making new stories with it!

7x15ft maple


3" slab taken from curly maple on the bandsaw