Bookmatched Table Slabs

Bookmatching maple burl slabs

Joining with handmade dowels

        "Cutting and Joining slabs"

Taking matching slabs and joing grains 'mirror like' will make natural symmetrical art. 

Often single slabs are also cut in half, cracks cut out and rejoined to make a stable table surface.

Burl Slabs 9ft long

Joining to make burl slab 5ft wide

Envisioning bookmatch projects

Figured Walnut Starfish

Fresh cut pieces show how interesting shapes can be made by bookmatching.

Epoxy Filling

Filling cracks and holes by taping underside, filling w epoxy creates a perfect flat working surface.

Joined maple slabs w burl

Symmetrical Joining

Ideas of how seperate matching slabs can be joined


Joining matching maple burl slabs

Large table slab could make an interesting wrap around desk amongst other ideas

Cutting and joning

'Cutting out stress' and rejoining in single slabs and the symmetrical bookmatched always makes a more stable working surface.

Bookmatching curly maple to make a stronger, larger more stable dining table.

Bookmatched maple burl

Often the most beautiful pieces need joining to create a useful shape and size

Curly black walnut bookmatch

Curly figure covers entire surface

8x5 wanut